Certificate of residence


(for purpose of a customs exemption on the occasion of permanent return to BiH)

Documents required:
– Valid BiH passport;
– Evidence of a lawful residence in the Russian Federation, uninterruptedly for 12 months at least, or at least 12 months with interruptions over last 4 years (residence permits, certificates issued by competent authority);
– Statement of the applicant, provided under full moral, material and criminal responsibility, that he/she intends to permanently return to BiH on a specified date and therefore he/she requests a certificate of residence to be issued for purpose of exercising his/her customs exemption rights;
– Evidence of leaving the Russian Federation permanently (e.g. deregistration of place of residence, document proving termination of employment, evidence of withdrawal of children from school etc.).


– Only one certificate of residence may be issued per household.
– Final decision on requested customs exemption is issued by the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Consular fee: 26.00 € (payable in Euros).