Consular fees

Description Amount
Applications and other submissions 6 EUR
Travel document 27 EUR
Single C Visa up to 90 days 31 EUR
Multiple C Visa up to 90 days 57 EUR
Multiple D Visa exceeding 90 days 72 EUR
Validation of transcripts or photocopies:
for the first sheet 6 EUR
for each subsequent sheet 3 EUR
Verification of signature affixed onto power of attorney 11 EUR
Verification of signatures of both parents affixed onto a power of attorney 16 EUR
Inheritance Statement 26 EUR
Application for admission into BiH citizenship 307 EUR
Application for renunciation of BiH citizenship 150 EUR
Statement of waiver of BiH citizenship 250 EUR
Decision on acceptance of application for renunciation of BiH citizenship 410 EUR
Confirmations, certificates, excerpts from citizens’ registries, transit permits (unless regulated differently) 26 EUR
Assignation of a unique citizen number 13 EUR