Issuance of Emergency travel document


Issuance of Emergency travel document of Bosnia and Herzegovina

An emergency travel document is issued to the nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina staying abroad without a valid travel document, in order to enable them to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
An emergency travel document has a 30-day validity.

Documentation required:
– Compiled Form of request for an emergency travel document;
– Two fresh requestor’s photos 3.5×4.5 cm;
– Requestor’s personal ID document issued in BiH (ID card, driver permit, previous travel document);
– Requestor’s Certificate of Citizenship and Excerpt from the Registrar of Births (original copy) not older than 6 months, for the persons who do not have their Personal Citizen’s ID Number recorded.

In cases when a travel document was lost or stolen:
– Compiled Form for reporting the loss or disappearance of a travel document;
– Confirmation issued by the relevant police authority regarding the loss/theft of the travel document.

Additionally required for minors:
– Excerpt from the BiH Registrar of Births, not older than 6 months;
– Signatures of both parents / legal guardians or their notarized consents;
– Travel documents of both parents / legal guardians (for legal guardians is also mandatory to provide the original copy of guardianship document issued by the relevant BiH body).

Further documents may be requested as necessary.
Consular fee: 27.00 € (payable in Euros).